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I. Create

We love art and creativity

We love to share, create and learn.
Zukini is a place of creations!


II. Awareness in our food

We respect our planet

We don’t agree with the mass consumption, factory farming what is related to animal abuse and the loss of freedoms.

We don’t eat meat, we have enough alternatives to eat, we love animals and we respect the environment and our ocean. We are against overfishing, we won’t buy fish, just we will catch if we have to.

III. Farming at sea


We try to cultivate as many vegetables as we can, growing sprouts and trying to be self-sufficient.

We buy local products in season, creating relationships with local communities, helping each other, learning from each other.

IV. Reuse

Other life

We will reuse everything we can, giving objects another life and multiple uses.

An exemple is our Bimini which is upcycled from a cyclone-struck boat. And so are a lot of our other boat parts and tools, upcycled and reused.

V. Community


Teamwork is very important on Zukini, we want to create a community to achieve our goals.

We share our skills to create, sharing always the tasks on the boat.

VI. Our Ocean

Being conscience

Respect the ocean is really important for all of us, is not allowed to throw any object overboard than the paper toilet.


VII. Compost


We are composting with worms, It gives us a way to dispose of organic waste, such as vegetable peelings. In return, we get nutritious worm juice for our plants.

VIII. Reducing plastic on board


More than 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans every year.

We believe in a better world, reducing the trash, especially plastic. We used as little as we can, always searching for alternatives.

IX. Water

No waste

We have two water tanks of 200 litres. We have a watermaker for longer passages, making 6 litres per hour through reverse osmosis. Freshwater is precious on board, so we find ways of conserving it.

We have a saltwater tap for showers and washing dishes. We are also working on a water catchment, taking rainwater for quick showers on board.

X. Eco-energy


We have 700 watts of solar panels and a wind generator which supply us with all the electricity we need.