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About us

Zukini crew

are creating sustainable sailing

Arno, a Belgian adventurer and filmmaker by profession, sailed from California to New Zealand in 2016. It was a long journey but one event really struck him when his skipper threw all trash from the journey overboard in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Afterwards he decided to continue sailing but this time on his own vessel. The last three years he has been working and preparing his mission, sailing sustainabile and self-sufficient around the world.

It was in Brisbane (Australia) two years ago where he found a 1979 Formosa ketch 41ft. He bought the boat from an old guy who was living a marina existence instead of saling it. There were a lot of jobs to make the vessel sea worthy again.

The crew sailed from Brisbane to Airlie Beach. Once he arrived there, he found a job at the boatyard, this job was perfect to learn and save money for the adventure. It was in this town where he met Marta, an audiovisual creator from Spain, adventurer too and with one dream, sail to Antarctica. She was the first crew member confirmed to sail around the world, together with Arno and Freeda, a rescue puppy from New Zeland.

They were focus on their dream, anchor for one year in Airlie Beach working full time in different places to save money for the journey, and spending their free time fixing the boat. They fixed everything with the help of amazing people, friends from his travels and friends from working on farms, travellers from couchsurfig and volunteers from workaway. So the boat was a home for many people, who helped to grow in many ways: painting, construction, electricity, making art, crafts… and having fun!

Zukini is actually a sailing community-based.


Armando (from workaway)

I had a very good time here. I've learned a lot about sailing and had the chance to go for a weekend sailing trip with the best crew ever. The work is not too hard and you're always learning something new when onboard.
Good luck with your sailing trip around the world, Arno and see you around!

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Kimberley (from workaway)

Arno is a great host , makes you feel at home the minute you set foot on the boat.
He is so welcoming.I really enjoyed my time here with Freda and Martha that contribute a lot also to the nice atmosphere. Great times!
Arno is very opened minded and understanding an inspiration to get jobs done and improve the boat in anyway possible!
Thanks for everything see you soon in an other part of the world 😉

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Leif (from workaway)

Arno and and his dog, Freeda are amazing, I had a great experience on Arno's boat; go crew! Arno is preparing for his trip around the world and loves a bit of company along the way. We (myself and other backpackers) helped out with some projects on the boat as well as cooking and cleaning on the ship. If you can't stand a day with out a shower, this isn't the job for you. Fresh water is limited, so we only use it for drinking, we even wash the dishes in salt water. Arno is a stand up fellow and Freeda is a sweet heart. Thanks for the good laughs and great times

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